Fritsch Lawyer

The lawyer’s code of ethics in both France and Luxembourg means we are unable to provide a price list of our fees. Fees always depend on the specificity of each case.

If you would like an idea of our consultation or proceedings fees, please send us an e-mail with a brief description of your case. 

Fees are either calculated at an hourly rate or a fixed sum.  

In some circumstances, conditional fees for winning a case may be requested; however this would be in addition to our fees, as lawyers in France and Luxembourg are not permitted to be remunerated by conditional fees alone.   


Fees of course vary, depending on the difficulty of the case (some legal questions have clear answers, others require in-depth analysis, etc.), the time spent on the case (your opponent may increase proceedings and negotiations can sometimes be long-winded) as well as the interests at stake.  

Fees are paid in instalments and will be subject to requests for retaining fees. This enables payments to be staggered and deducted from the final invoice.  

It is of utmost importance that our relationship is built on mutual trust and the transparency of fees plays an important part.